Saturday Sip and Shop: My Fall Staples


This time last year I was almost three months pregnant, so honeycrisp apple sangria was off of...:

Honeycrisp Apple Sangria
A fall favorite of mine!
Recipe HERE


Fall Uniform


And the perfect fall "uniform" ... my outfit yesterday!
Would you believe that vest is from the kid's department?!
I am wearing the size Large -- I'm 5'2". It also comes in an XL.


Five On Friday

Hello from the mountains! I'm spending some time with family and friends now so will save my five for next week. We are about to head into downtown Boone, walk around a bit, and grab burgers at our favorite spot. The leaves are falling all over and it's so beautiful up here!



Pumpkin Patching

Some girlfriends and I took the girls to Hunter Farms on Sunday to see the pumpkins and enjoy a hay ride!

Hunter Farms is just such a cute place to visit. It's run by a great family and it's so nice to have it only about fifteen minutes from our home. 

Part of the hay ride is a stop to see a cow get milked and visit a little petting zoo. Camille was in heaven!

At the end of the ride, you get to pick out a mini-pumpkin to take home. We picked one squat one with no stem and one skinny tall one with a stem. They look so cute stacked!


Date Night at SCarowinds

If you've been reading my blog long enough, you know how much of a Halloween nut that my husband is. I've always liked it, but he LOVES it. If the television is on at any given point in October in our home, there's an 80% chance that a Friday the 13th will be playing (well, you know, when no kiddo eyes are around). 

Two years ago, for Ian's birthday, I gave him tickets to SCarowinds ... it's the Halloween version of Carowinds where the lights go out, the spooky songs are blasted throughout the park, and there are actors dressed in costumes who wander the park, spooking the guests! He LOVED it, and we would have gone again last year but I was pregnant with Charlotte. This year was the perfect year to return!

We got our tickets and made our first stop to get our Fast Lane Plus passes. These are not inexpensive ($70/ea), BUT we consider them essential. They allow you to bypass the lines. My husband is not patient and not a fan of lengthy lines, so this is a no-brainer for us. We were also paying for a babysitter, so we wanted to spend our time at SCarowinds riding tons of rides and not waiting in line all night.

Next stop? Fury 325.

I don't like rollercoasters. Well, I didn't. I was PETRIFIED of them growing up. My middle sister rode them with my dad and I waited at the bottom, trembling. Sometimes I'd get in line with them and then the panic would set in and I'd have to maneuver my way solo out of the snaking line to find my mom and baby sister. 

But Ian loves them, and I rode one two years ago, and dare I say that it was a thrill ... and fun?! So as soon as we got our Fast Lane passes, we headed straight to Fury 325 (it's rather new and was not there for our last trip) and Ian asked for first row seats. I could have hit him. Heights reach 325 feet and it goes 95 miles per hour.

But it was also fun to knock the scariest ride out first. 

And we survived!

After a while, we sat down for a beer with a map and plotted out our roller coaster plan. Intimidator was one that we rode two years ago and really enjoyed. Afterburn, Carolina Cobra, and Carolina Goldrusher are three of my other favorites. Nighthawk is the one where you are laying down on your stomach, which I was really excited about, but it wasn't open on Sunday night. 

If you are planning a trip to Carowinds, here's a description of the roller coasters and rides so you can make your plan of attack. 

Remember to wear comfy shoes and have some sort of pocket that zippers or snaps for important items like your keys and phone. I wore my new military vest which had snap pockets and was perfect for the park (yes, it's from the kid's department, more on this later). 

SCarowinds is, I think, the perfect time to visit because you get all of the fun of the park with the added bonus of getting really excited for Halloween. But if you want to visit SCarowinds and do not want to be spooked by the actors in costume, they have a "No Boo" necklace you can purchase which keeps you safe from the ghouls and goblins that wander the park. SCarowinds is designed for those above the age of 13, making it the perfect date night spot. There's something about running around an amusement park together with your honey that is just so thrilling. Like turning the time machine back.

Rollercoasters ... do you do them?


Roll Call: I Used To Be Cool

I just sat down to my computer and moused over to the navigation bar to type in ""

Instead, my mind wandered and my fingers typed in ""

I used to be cool.

Recently, we went to Disney on Ice. I parked in a parking deck in uptown Charlotte and was making my way to the elevator, a toddler in a princess dress on my hip and an infant strapped to my chest. Large diaper bag on shoulder, sunglasses falling off of my face. Sweat around my hairline. A group of three college guys passed me and I know they probably didn't even see me -- even though I was an arm's length away. Funny thing is, I used to park in that same parking garage with my girlfriends when we'd hop from bar to bar, tube tops on, sipping martinis (this was the Sex and The City era, if it's not clear) and dancing on the bar tops until the bouncers got on our case. I wanted to shout out after them, "enjoy this time! you'll be me next!"

So, Roll Call, because we haven't done one of these in a long time. What's your name, and you used to be cool how?


Five On Friday

It's time for another edition of Five on Friday and I do hope you'll join along!

Remember, all you have to do is post about five things on your mind, add our logo (found at the bottom of this post), and join the party using the linky tools below. Easy, and a great way to find new blogs and be found. :)

Last night my mom was in town so Ian and I took advantage of the best babysitter ever and went out to dinner! A dinner that did not involve crayons, chicken nuggets, or leaky sippy cups -- can I get a HALLALUYER.

We went to Dogwood in the South Park area, and it was Ian's first time there for dinner. I'd been there for lunch and my baby sprinkle and knew the menu was awesome. I had the chicken dish, YUM, and I enjoyed a glass of rose to start and then a pinot grigio with my meal. We also had the bison carpaccio as an appetizer and it was amazing.

I wore my new (to me) J. Crew top that I scored for $9.99 on Thred Up and my new Target booties! My fave neutral Kendra Scott necklace, the perfect pink lipstick, a little hair pouf, and I was all set.

BTW, if you like that shirt from ThredUp, they have another XS listed (that's the size I went with). Just search for "J. Crew Factory Short Sleeve Blouse" and you'll find it. They have it for $9.99. Use my referral link here and they will give you $10 to shop!

Check it out—J. Crew Factory Store Short Sleeve Blouse for $9.99 at thredUP!

Speaking of those Target booties -- I bought them for $35. Well, of course they are on sale now for $28! You better believe I am going to get a price-check on them. 

After reading the reviews online, I sized down from a 7.5 to a 7. I only will be wearing them with slim ankle socks so I don't need to have room for thick socks. When I first put them on last night, I initially felt a little silly walking around ... clunky. It's sort of like when you used to go rollerskating and the skates feel crazy at first and then they just feel like an extension of your feet. So, if you try these on in store and aren't sure about walking in them, rest assured that they feel extremely normal after a few minutes!

And Ian loved them! I think because they're sexayyy without being over-the-top like stilettos. They really elongated my legs when worn with skinny jeans, and for someone 5'2", that says a lot!


I picked up a cute pumpkin costume for Charlotte already but then saw this adorable gown from Nordstrom for just $15. What a great easy costume idea for a wee one, or a cute gift for a new baby! It's 0-6 months which is that perfect size for the "do I dress up my newborn?" quandry.

Product Image, click to zoom

It's by Mud Pie and they have a ghost version too, also $15.
Free shipping and returns, natch. 

Mud Pie Halloween Gown (Baby) available at #Nordstrom

This past weekend my Thirty One LUT (large utility tote ... I love that it has its own acronym) arrived! I am SO happy that I ordered this fun black and white print and also went for the stand tall insert. It's amazing how big it is and now I honestly wish I had about four more. I'm torn on where/how to use it. Ribbon and tool storage for making hairbows? Does it stay in the trunk to keep all little things corralled? Does it chill in our mudroom as a catch-all for hairbows, sandals, and scarves? I can think of a gazillion uses. How do you use yours?

As a reminder, my friend Justine sells this line and she is a GOOD person. So sweet, so thoughtful, and a mama of five! She's an organization queen so, in my mind, the perfect person to represent a line of items to help get your life more organized and streamlined.

I recently created an Instagram page for our Etsy shop, The Tipsy Bunny, where we sell items! Please follow us on Insta at @thetipsybunny. I've got some cute Lilly Pulitzer pumpkin bows up for grab and we are going to list some bonnets today! Thank you to all of you for supporting our mother/daughter endeavor :)

TGIF y'all, and hope you will join in on Five on Friday this week! Cheers to the weekend!


How to BOO Your Neighbors!

So today we are planning on "BOO"ing two of our neighbors!

I picked up everything the other day from Walmart. #fancy
It would have been a lot cooler if I would have said Target. #basic
But Walmart it was. #truth

In all honesty, each basket was so simple to put together and cost around $7. Not too shabby for a fun idea and a way to get your neighbors to think you're pretty swell.

The buckets were $1, the flour sack tea towels around $2 (yes, from Walmart!!!), the napkins and cookie cutter and stickers and candy around a dollar each or less, and then a few packs of Halloween-themed Goldfish. Score.

I printed out this "You've been booed"/"We've been booed" sign from this blog:

Booed Set

And today we just need to sneak the buckets of fun to our neighbors!

Don't have neighbors with kids? No worries! Fill a Halloween bucket with candles, single-serve wine or champagnes or pumpkin beer, fun seasonal home decor, sweet treats, baked goods, you name it! Everyone likes a Halloween treat.

Okay, I was side-eyeing the Shopbop sale because I saw something about getting an extra discount if you spend $500 (ummmm ... yeah right, not in my household).

BUT. Then I saw some items around the $30ish range that are totally cute and great for this transitional weather we are having. SO, don't be scared to shop the sale because it's not only for people who have bank accounts much much fluffier than mine. 

And I like the free 3-day shipping and free returns. Amazon Prime has spoiled us all.

PAMPELONE Monaco Blouse
Monaco Blouse - gauzy white embroidered with red
sale: $27 (here)

dRA Rosie Top

d.Ra Yellow embroidered top
sale: $28 (here)

re:named Over the Shoulder Top

re:named Blush cropped puff sleeve top
sale: $30 (here)

Chaser White Wine Tee

Chaser white wine tee
sale: $31 (here)

Those are my four picks. If you see something cute on the website that you buy or have your eye on, link it here in the comments -- I'd love to see if you can find any great and well-priced items. 

And ... go forth and BOO someone!


A Blog Reader Just Saved Me $65.44

Today I received the nicest email from a blog reader who let me know that the sweater I ordered two of yesterday (this one) was at a lower price at Macy's and that I could ask Nordstrom to price-match it for me.

How nice is that?!

The girls just went down for a nap, and I opened the chat box with Nordstrom customer service, put in my order number, and sent the Nordstrom associate a link to the Macy's site that shows the sale price.

Macy's product exact link: here

Because of the sale price and an extra promotion that Macy's is running, this is the message I got back from the rep:

Great! I see that our total for each of the Free People 'Love' Split Back Pullovers would come down to $37.49. We can definitely meet this price.
A total difference of $65.44 will be reimbursed to your MasterCard.

So, a thoughtful email from a reader, and a three minute chat online, and I all of the sudden had $65.44 back on my credit card. Considering that the price I paid for each top was $68, I basically got one for free. And THAT makes today a gooooood day.

(Edited to add: the extra promotion that Macy's is offering is good for if you spend $75 on Free People clothing ... so if you ordered just one of these shirts, you'll get about $18 back, but if you ordered more than one, that extra $25 kicks in and you'll get more back.)

So thank you Cara for just being an awesome person and sending me that email -- and if you purchased this top from Nordstrom, don't hesitate to ask them to honor the Macy's price here! Just don't wait too long or else the color or size that you ordered may no longer be offered on Macy's and Nordstrom may not be able to adjust the price.

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